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About us


The initiative group of Rost Association is made up of young people preoccupied with the moral and spiritual rebirth of all Romanians. The members of the founding group are people who are mature and competent enough in order to meet the objectives they have set. Each of them has already built up their own career, has got a family, has gained special personal experiences and has accomplished great things. Consequently, they have understood that it was high time they accomplished something great for their national community as well.

Having the same set of Christian and national values and principles, since the beginning these young people have benefited from the honoring agreement of some outstanding personalities of the Romanian spirituality.




Răzvan Codrescu (born May 7, 1959) is one of the main theoreticians of the Romanian right, editor-in-chief of Cardinal Points Magazine and of Christiana Printing House.

Published volumes:

  • The spirit of the right. Between tradition and modernity (Anastasia Printing House, Bucharest, 1997)
  • ‘Reactionism’ exercices. Between zoon politikon and homo religious (Dacia Printing House, Cluj-Napoca, 1999)
  • From Eminescu to Petre Tutea. For a paideic model of the Romanian right (Anastasia Printing House, Bucharest, 2000)
  • Looking for the lost Legion (Vremea Printing House, 2001)
  • The secret of the Sacrifice. Mota-Marin Historical file (Puncte Cardinale Printing House, Sibiu, 2002)
  • Eastern loves. False treaty of spiritualization (Christiana Printing House, Bucuresti, 2002)
  • Appeal to orthodoxy (Christiana Printing House, Bucharest, 2002)
  • Gender theology and wedding mystery. An Orthodox introduction to matrimonial anthropology (Christiana Printing House, Bucharest, 2002)


President of the Senate

Marcel Petrișor (born April 13, 1930), ex-political prisoner between 1951 and 1964 with several freedom months in 1956. After being freed, he attended the courses of the Philology Faculty and he became a teacher of French.

He as a writer in 1971, with the short prose called “Evenings in Oscior village”. Afterwards, he published several novels, travelling impressions, reviews and esthetics, French and Russian retroversions.  He’s a member of the Writers’ Union.

After 1989, he published memories from prison:

  • Jilava. Fort 13 (Editura Meridiane, Bucharest, 1991)

  • The Secret of Fort 13 (Editura Timpul, Iasi, 1995)

  • At the end of the road (Institutul European, Iasi, 1997)

A selection of the three volumes, translated into French by Alain Paruit will soon be published by the Plon Printing House in France.

Marcel Petrisor was one of the closest disciples of Petre Tutea whom he took care of until the last minute of the latter’s life.

He was a founding member of the Democrate Christian Union (UDC), in January 1990 and a member of CPUN for several months during the same year.


The Board of the Organization



Claudiu Târziu (born February 20 , 1973), a graduate of the Law Faculty who is also attending university courses of communication and public relations. A journalist since 1992, he has led several local publications in Bacau. At present he is an investigating journalist for a central daily newspaper. Since 1996 he has been working with the non-profit department, as initiator and leader of journal organizations.


Vice – presidents

Mihai Albișteanu

(born November 3, 1972) is a History teacher in a secondary school and a PhD student. He’s been working with the non-profit department since 1993 as a founder and leader of a non-governmental organization.

Iulian Capsali

General Secretary

Paul Ghiţiu



Nicu Butnaru (born April 26, 1964) an engineer by profession, he is the manager of a private company in Bucharest. He was a co-operator with the Department for Worldwide Romanians within the Government of Romania, in 1997. He’s been working in the non-profit department since 1996.

Ionel Rusei

Marcel Răduţ Selişte


Our reasons

Beyond the lying and mouth-filling declarations, Romanian political parties are interested in neither launching a moral-spiritual resurrection of worldwide Romanians nor radically changing mentalities. Or, Romanians will not manage too soon to get themselves out of the spiritual and moral poverty in which they were thrown by the communist regime if they don’t re-learn and internalize to the last consequences the principles of the Christian life; if they aren’t helped to change their way of thinking and if they don’t adopt a set of essential values for the purpose of spiritualizing their existence.

Unfortunately, parties that count today on the political arena aren’t able to offer Romanians such a perspective for the simple reason that they are animated by the one and only wish to get to the power for power which has raised Romanians’ reluctance, if not disgust, at polities and politicians.

Though they enjoy an incomparably greater trust, most civil organizations have betrayed Romanian’ hopes trough their unworthiness or through their serving other goals than those initially declared, thus revealing themselves

No other non-governmental association has managed to launch and fuel a trend of ideas meant to change mentalities, to reset the natural value scale in a confused Romania – in a transition process hardly having any reference points-, to promote virtue cult, etc. If there was ever a socio-cultural organization aiming to impose a possible Romanian pattern in the world, it hasn’t made itself visible enough, therefore neither listened to.


Our creed

Under these circumstances we believe that it’s our duty to help Romanian people re-find its vocation, lost during communism, re-finding themselves first through going back to a both national and European legitimate tradition.

We think that we have to improve ourselves both mentally and spiritually, so that our lives can change.

We want to give Romanians back their dignity and pride for belonging to this people.

We went to gather and make a new elite grow and be able to find working solutions to the existing problems to the Romanian society.

We went to make political forces to respect Romanians’ rights, interests and nature while governing.

We want to help with preserving the national identity of the Romanians within the Romanian territories temporarily separated from the country body and of the Romanians in other countries as well.

We want to reconstruct the feeling of unity of all Romanians wherever they are.

We want to pull Romanians out of lethargy and make them get involved in the life of the community that is our, everybody’s life after all.


Martyr Saints Brancoveni, the protectors of Rost Association

Rost Association – the organization of the Romanians all over the world- has chosen as its heavenly protectors Martyr Saints Brancoveni Saints. The unshaken Christian belief, the spirit of sacrifice and Emperor Constantin Brancoveanu’s success in the cultural field define a way of living for the members of Rost Association.


Organization symbol

The symbol of the organization is made up of three elements:

Shield – the symbol of defensive human force

Angel wings – the symbol of divine protection and of spiritual elevation as well

Book -   the symbol of knowledge

The three elements are represented in green and golden. Light green symbolizes life, youth, rebirth, hope, strength while dark golden is conservative and masculine.

Golden expresses grandeur, spirituality, power. It is the colour of divinity.



ROST believes that - , in order to update the Romanian traditition creatively, the main purpose being the rediscovery of the Romanian way of life and the strengthening of our national identity - it should guide itself through some fundamental principles.

1. The principle of Christian spirituality. The Christian knowledge makes the basis of our philosophy about life and about the world. In consequence the members of Rost are inspired by the three feelings that bound the human and Divinity: faith, love, hope.Thus the behavior of Rost members is characterized by: uprightness, honour, non violence, tolerance and above all the cult of truth.

2. The national principle. Everyone belongs to a people, this is a fact. This fact calls for rights and obligations. The condition of being Romanian must be realized and assumed in its profoundness and stated with responsibility.

3. The principle of unity. Without unity there is no victory and that is why ROST will be an environment where fraternity and belonging to an elite group will be fostered. The solidarity with our brothers in need will enforce the unity. In the same time ROST is displaying availability in collaborating with other groups that have similar objectives.

4. The principal of elite. No national community can manage by it self. Peoples are ruled by elites. Today Romania is ruled by fake elite. The duty of ROST is to coagulate elements of the real elite and to train other persons for the elite that should be capable of triggering and sustaining the spiritual resurrection of the Romanian people. By the term elite we understand a category of persons that have a number of qualities in order to use them in the benefit of the national community. Within the organization a new Romanian aristocracy will be created.

5. The principle of training. The members of ROST will train continuously, their objective being the building and the strengthening of pure feelings, mature thinking and the strength of the human character.

6. The principle of self-giving. All things are realized through a sacrifice. That is through self-giving, relinquishment, giving up selfishness and ego. The self sacrifice has different degrees: from small renouncements - necessary in personal progress - to the supreme sacrifice for a noble cause. We will learn to sacrifice our selves, believing that only this way we can fulfill our ideals.

7. The principle of authority. The dissolution of authority has a negative influence upon the Romanian society. We’ll try to imprint respect for authority to the new generation. Authority is obtained through professional competence, tenacity, moral behaviour and self giving. Authority is being imposed by establishing a working hierarchy and an order which doesn’t tolerate any deviations.

8. The principle of freedom. Freedom is the only state of balance for the human being between despotism and anarchy. It assumes rights and obligations in the same time. The human rights and obligations can not be dissociated from the duties in front of God and his people. Freedom is sacred and ROST in an organization that defends the freedom of all Romanians.

9. The objectivity principle. We will not accept the unfair blaming of the neither Romanian people nor will we tolerate patriotic demagogy which makes the people suffer more and asleep the senses. As a sick person can cure himself only if he admits his illness and if he looks for his cure so will the Romanian people-which is today suffering both morally and spiritually - not strengthen itself, not until it will recognize its weaknesses. The elite that we are talking about has the task to wake the people to reality and turn it towards true values to stimulate its virtues and encourage it on the right way. It can do that only with an objective attitude towards this people. That means we mustn’t lie to ourselves with things like: we are the greatest people in the world but others are guilty for our falls. It is vital that we recognize the laziness of our souls, the passions and the bad habits that overwhelm us, and fight against them.

10. The principle of civic action. The credibility of our political parties is in continuous fall. The initiatives coming from politicians (even if they are of good faith) are perceived by the masses suspiciously. The civil society does not react (or it does but in a very feeble way) in front of the political acts which harm us all. In this context we consider our obligation to form ourselves into a civic force aimed to recover the Romanians’ sensibility in front of the national ideals and to punish the political decisions which are against the tradition and the nature of the Romanian people.

11. The principle of honour. Honour means self respect and respect towards the others. Honour means consistency in respecting the norms we imposed by ourselves. The given word is sacred and that is why it has to be respected no matter what. Any member of ROST will accept defeat better than a victory obtained by wickedness.

12. The principle of capitalizing tradition. Tradition means transmitting from one generation to another an open value which has on the one hand the capacity of an internal becoming and to generate complementary values and on the other hand of generating new additional values. Tradition is always a vivid, dynamic and organic reality. The difference between tradition and traditionalism is that the former is a creative memory while the latter is a type of memory which is finally a rigid formalism. ROST will find resources in tradition for solving actual problems.


A plan for national resurrection:

ROST wants to be a movement of moral and spiritual regeneration of the Romanian people. In the beginning being just an elite group ROST will induce a current of soul purifying and of education in traditional spirit into the masses through the example of the elite. For this purpose ROST established some directions of action.

1. ROST will try to inspire love for living to the Romanian young people according to the Christian doctrine. It will organize debates on a Christian topics, pilgrimages to our greatest monasteries, Christian symposiums - where holy fathers will provide words of wisdom - , it will print religious teaching aids, it will take a stand against any kind of initiative of the Romanian administration which is not in harmony with the Christian morale, it will make the Christian life in Romania known.

 2. ROST will protect and promote Romanian values. It will remind which are the ancestral roots and values of our people; it will bring back to present outstanding Romanian scholars, forgotten today; it will contribute to a better understanding of controvert periods of the Romanian history or rather unknown periods of history; it will bring young talents to light.

3. ROST cultivates the principle of continuous training. The discipline of labour, solidarity, fairness, continuous training, will be organized in special training camps for youngsters. Informative and cultivating materials will be produced. ROST will offer scholarships to distinguished students and award excellence prizes to cultural and political personalities of our country. ROST will build libraries for members and their friends to study in.

4. ROST will update the Romanian tradition in a creative way. The problems of our times should get solved through tradition.

5. ROST militates for respect towards Romanians all over the world. We will oppose through all legal means the initiatives of laws that attempt to the dignity of the development and the identity of the Romanian people. We will act towards recognizing and correcting our flaws through viable and clear ways. ROST will inspire the Romanians the dignified behaviour that imposes respect.

6. ROST will defend the national identity of the Romanians. We oppose the globalization with the Romanian spirit, with our real values with our view of the world and our love for God and our people, the power of self giving and the power of labour.

7. ROST will be a bridge between the Romanians within Romanian borders and the ones abroad. Through a special department it will help with preserving the national identity of the Romanians living in Diasporas; it will make known the Romanian communities living outside the current borders of Romania; it will militate for the rights of Romanians that are in minority in other countries. This department will elaborate point by point programmes that will be put into practice through our own efforts but also by means of the financial and logistic support of Romanian institutions and international organizations.

Periodically, ROST will organize a congress of the Romanians from all over the world, occasion on which the problems of the Romanian communities from abroad will be centralized and synthesized, debates on great interest issues will take place and so on.


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